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Hello and welcome to My Gluten Free Bars!

All over Canada, people are discovering the joys of a gluten-free lifestyle. Eating gluten-free boosts your health, helps you lose weight, and removes harmful toxins from your body. What’s not to love? However, eating gluten-free can sometimes be a challenge. For example, good gluten-free bars were once hard to find- until now.

My Gluten Free Bars is a new company offering gluten free boxes of bars at better-than-retail prices. All of our bars are certified gluten-free! Each box contains a variety of the world’s best gluten-free bars (the exact flavours are different every time). Enjoy!

Our Story

My Gluten Free Bars is a project started by the North Vancouver Entrepreneur’s Club, a group providing teens in North Vancouver with the opportunity to build businesses and learn entrepreneurial skills. My Gluten Free bars, its first project, was started by founders Tim Logie and Harry Crerar in response to the lack of easy-to-find gluten-free bars.

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