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Entrepreneur Club Update #4

In this update you get a quick and dirty social media marketing lesson.

 The world has changed from the Madmen days of the 1950’s when it was newspaper, radio and TV ads.  Today there is a new channel almost every day, it makes it hard to keep up and all of them are about COMMUNITY.

 So as of today, let’s look at the list:

  •  Facebook – this is a big one. Google ad words are so yesterday that I haven’t even put them on the list (that’s probably an exaggeration but you get my point).  Facebook is better at targeting your ads and getting to sales.  Yes I said it, Google Ad words just don’t cut it any more.  Now it is all about CONTENT, it is all about COMMUNITY and it is all about AUTHENTICITY.
  • LinkedIn – bigger than you might think with the right market. LinkedIn is networking for professionals.  Sharing CONTENT is in.  My good friend Billy Vlaad of Vlaad Co runs a recruiting firm but Billy has adapted his offering to include providing valuable information on the Linked In platform for his clients.  He has effectively integrated what could be a potential challenger it into his business. 
  • Instagram – I have a buddy that is making a business out of Instagram. @SinglemaltDaily has close to 10k followers and now not only paid to market Scotch but he is developing a scotch tasting business around it.  Check him out.  Not only does he have beautiful photos but you can learn a little something (CONTENT) about different scotches. 
  • Twitter – ads on Twitter are big but the jury is out on effectiveness. New old CEO Jack Dorsey looking to shake things up.  Twitter has the reach and target but CONTENT might be the issue.


  • Pinterest – they’ve added a buy button for monetization. They are like the slow moving ship that, much like Facebook, once they get moving, other platforms should be afraid.  Anyone who has ever renovated or is redecorating should realize the value of this platform.  We use it for this business to keep track of ideas and blogs that we want to bookmark.
  • Snapchat – more for the younger crowd these days, marketers haven’t quite figured this out yet, but if they do, that is a large untapped marked because the younger kids just aren’t on Facebook anymore.
  • Quora – when I first tried Quora I was turned off, the questions seemed so boring (that’s a word for stupid). I was missing that there was a real opportunity to educate, to add value and create COMMUNITY.  Anyone can turn themselves into an AUTHORITY by educating others and adding value.
  • Medium – Medium is a great place that anyone can share CONTENT. A great place to learn and keep track of what is going on or just read great stories.  Again here, the key here is that anyone can turn themselves into an AUTHORITY by ingraining themselves in the Medium COMMUNITY.
  •  Slideshare – when the idea for sharing powerpoint presentations first came out, a lot of people didn’t get it. It’s taken off as a platform for sharing content in visual form.  Many people are visual and prefer it to a Medium type story.  Need info on writing probate?  You can go to or you can go to slideshare and get your info there.  It can be a powerful platform to provide value added CONTENT and generate COMMUNITY around a service but only if it is AUTHENTIC.
  • YouTube – a great tool for sharing videos but recently YouTube Red has caused a migration of CONTENT (ESPN via DISNEY is now gone) because of legal rights. Still a great way to provide content to your COMMUNITY.
  • Google – NO NOT ADWORDS. Did you know that Google has a new shopping tool?  Next time you search for a product, you might see Google Shopping sponsored products.

Let’s step back and notice that all of these popular social networks are about COMMUNITY, CONTENT and AUTHETICITY.  These are the three most important words you need to know about social media marketing. 

Gone are the days people can fool Google with garbage content trying to drive traffic to parking sites in order to generate traffic flow and advertising dollars. 

Now you know from surfing the internet what works on you, good AUTHENTIC CONTENT with a good COMMUNITY around it.

It’s our job to figure out where are customers are and go to them.  LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION has changed from physical to technological but you still need to find your customers where they are.  Where do we find ours? 

Instagram is full of people interested in Gluten Free and so is Facebook.  Guess I will finally have to bite the bullet and join the big F. 

Can you believe I have avoided it all these years? Even my non-technical cousin is on it, oh boy is he going to rib me.

Here is something you may not know.  Did you know that if you want to publish a book today, you don’t just write a book and send it to publishers!  Today you need to develop a COMMUNITY first and foremost. 

NO publisher will touch you without a COMMUNITY around you!  Once you have that COMMUNITY and you have a platform, a book is a natural extension and this lowers the risk for the publisher as well.

Did you notice how I am making the effort to generate COMMUNITY before we launch our product? 

How I am trying to find the right customers before we even get started?  How I am trying to give you some information in return for asking you to help me find our right customers? 

No I am not trying to trick you, but I am attempting to be AUTHENTIC and give you valuable CONTENT through an interesting story line.  I have being very forthcoming with the ask, help me find the right customers for our business. 

The responses so far have been great, please keep sharing, commenting and suggesting!

Today’s call to action is to let me know if there is any good marketing platforms that I’ve missed (I’m sure there is some!)  that you like. 

This is launch week, watch for it!!