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Entrepreneur Club Update #5 - LAUNCH DAY!!!

LAUNCH DAY is here!  We are live!  It’s exciting but scary at the same time.

Please check out

We have tried to keep our offering very simple to start out while we validate the model.  If it passes the initial test, we plan to roll out other diets in short order (stay tuned). 

Of course we still have to sort out the rest of our business model but in true Minimal Viable Product spirit, that will come.  Then of course we have the split (A/B) testing and full court social media marketing.

In the interim, we have duct taped together a basic site with bigger plans to do some really cool stuff in we validate our model.

So here go Live at long last!!  We are testing out a new Gluten Free protein bar sample pack.  You can try great gluten free protein bars delivered to your home or office

It’s hard to find a decent selection at any retailer so we wanted to bring it to you!  Hopefully we will validate our model and can roll it out to other diet sensitive selections as well (bringing in more kids for that!).   These are all branded bars!!!


You don’t have to be gluten free to try a GREAT selection of protein bars. 

 If you have ever wondered whether you might have problems with Gluten, this would be a great opportunity to do a simple test.  Have one before or during your exercise and see how you feel, then have a gluten bar the next time and see if there is any difference in how you feel.  With me, it is obvious, when I have gluten during while on a run, it is like someone applied the brakes, I instantly feel it.  It might not be so obvious with you but if you are gluten intolerant, you will notice something.

Monthly gluten free protein bar package delivered to your home of office.  They have a long shelf life so you don’t need to horse feed yourself.  Great snack you can grab on your way out the door when you are in a rush and just need to go?  Taking a trip?  Great snack to save you from airport and airplane food!

Our marketing research suggests we try 3 sizes so we are going to test it out:

$32 per month for 10-12 bars (4-5 varieties).  About $1 per day for a great tasting experience

$64 per month for 20-24 bars (4-5 varieties) small business or regular users.  Best value – free shipping

$96 per month for 30-36 bars (4-5 varieties) larger offices or regular users - free shipping

We plan to offer blocks of 3-12 months in future offerings.  There will be a different selection each month. 

Value is the same as if you bought them in the grocery store yourself!!



Trying to limit the first month to 40 orders so we can place the order in bulk and start talking better pricing moving forward (better value to you!).

First shipment is the middle of December – makes a great Christmas gift for the hard to please or for that special client!

P.S. Know any other people that may be interested to try this service?

$2.50 off your order for each referral (max 4) and your friend get $2.50 off too!!  Make that $5 each if you go for our largest selection!!! 

Since we are using duct tape, this will be sent back to you when we send the product out (sorry, it’s that whole Wizard of Oz thing right now!)

Thanks everyone for your support!