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Entrepreneur's Club: I want to be vulnerable


I’ve recently made a promise to myself to be more vulnerable.  It’s a muscle that I’ve never been good at using. 

I’ve always used the excuse that my job requires thinking, not feeling but here’s the truth:

I’m scared

I’m scared that I won’t be what you think I am.

I’m scared of what happens if I put myself out there. 

I’m scared that when you find out the real me, you will run away.

But I realize that I’m no different than anyone else, we are all scared (ok “The Donald’ is an exception!)

SO I’m going to keep trying to exercise that muscle to make it stronger in the hope that it makes me a better person for it.  In the hope that my kids grow up to know what vulnerability is and learn to be vulnerable.

Sometimes I’m afraid of failing, especially after putting myself out there.  That’s why it is scary now that it’s real and we are talking about it and doing it at the same time.

I’m not only learning to be vulnerable but trying to learn to be present.  Too often I am on my phone or in my head when I could be enjoying the moment.  If you interact with me and I am not present, please call me on it.  Talking about it makes it real and I am committed to it.

Being present means listening to people.  I have talked to a lot of people and I have learned a lot over the past few months, mainly that everyone has different problems.


We have a new club member.  A big welcome to 13 year old Kallum Hansen!  Welcome aboard.  Kallum is going to start by learning some Social media marketing and building our Instagram account.  Watch for an announcement next month.

We are moving forward with our new site on Shopify


Shopify is the big leagues and it going to cost us about $50 per month.  Ok it may sound like only $50 but it is a long term investment.

Now it is getting real.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the difference

Harry has done a great job re-doing the site.  Consider that he is 15 years old, going to school, building this business & publishing his first book, you might say he is an accomplished 15 year old.  I don’t know many others people that had all that accomplished by that age.

Oh didn’t I tell you about his new book?   It was announced to 500 people at the Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival last month.  Harry couldn’t be there because of school commitments but sent a slide show for his Father to speak through.  It’s a book about the North Vancouver Mountains. 

Not bad for a 15 year old hey?

There is still a lot of work we want to do on the site.  I think it is important to tell our story up front for everyone to see (in website lingo “above the fold”).   In this day and age people have a multitude of choices. 

Why do they buy where they do?  Is it price?  Do you really want to compete on price?

More likely you buy based on the “brand story” and you buy based on social verification.

  •  You buy the iPhone because your friends have it and like it
  • You buy Michael Kors because your friends have it and
  • you buy Lululemon because you relate to the story (and friends have it).

 We need to do a better job about telling our story on the site.   We are thinking of caricature pictures of the kids at the top of the page as well.  What do you think of that idea?


We are finding that offices love our product.  They are sharing the box around the office and they don’t have to snack on crap (two people mentioned McDonald’s).  We now have 4 offices as clients.  Could your office benefit?

We are finding that you don’t have to be gluten free to enjoy our box.

We are finding that people prefer lower calorie bars so now I’m on the look-out for lower calorie bars or balls.

What better way to celebrate the new site than to have a contest!!!  WIN FREE BARS!!!  You need to check this out, if only to understand is currently hot in internet marketing .  It’s all based on sharing and the psychology behind it is interesting.  Be curious...

What do you think?  Do you like the contest concept?  Please let us know.  Contest only open to Canadians with a Canadian address.  Contest expires March 7, 2016.